"Last weekend I took a young man for his first trip on a boat at the age of 16. We fished Coleto Creek reservoir in Goliad Texas on a clear cold, windy day. Please know Joe is not new to bass fishing, as he has been pounding the tank around Kennedy for years and his best fish was a 4 pound plus. At Coleto, I showed him one of my favorite techniques, a DuCote Custom square bill. We caught fish all day long on 1.5 Perch and 2.5 Tilapia, staged at 4 to 8 feet deep on the edge of the grass, but didn't find Joe a new personal best. On Sunday, we went to one of his local hot spots, a tanks next to his house. I gave him a DuCote Custom crank, and Joe caught this nice 5+ pound bass!! He
now has a new goal to beat for his personal best and is a believer in the square bill bite! I want to thank Jared DuCote for the custom baits and a great new memory and look forward to many more with my DuCote cranks."
-Leonard Debrasha

Don't take our word, listen to our customers.

Don't take our word, listen to our customers.

"...a believer in the Square Bill Bite."

"DuCote Custom Lures are amazing! I never really had good customer service with other custom artists, until now. These guys make sure you are happy with your bait. Thank you Bob and Jared! "
-Barry (Texas)

"DuCote Custom Lures are amazing!!"

"DuCote Custom Lures are amazing!!"

Great lures! Such an amazing out come on the paint work. Nothing like what you can get over the counter. My order had a quick return and they were very helpful. Great customer service!

Marty M.

Beautifully hand painted custom lures. The attention to detail is great. Good action to make the fish hit fast and hard. It is a better fishing experience using these over store bought. Customer service is top notch. Belton Lake and Still House Hollow.

Chris C.

Nice lures! Very realistic looking. I love the zombie lure. Highly recommend you try them out!

Jim C.

The attention to detail of the hand painting on these lures is amazing! Great product and made in the USA!

Josh M.

Amazing attention to detail on these lures! Highly recommended!

Amy M.

Jared is a true artist..... he produces the highest quality paint jobs ive seen! He has painted several of my $300+ swimbaits that I trust very few with! He is the man if you need any match the hatch baits for your local waters. Crankbaits, rattle traps, swimbaits,jerkbaits,walking baits, Rats. He does it all!

Every bait I've ever had has had zero to very minimal hook rash unlike many of the custom paint jobs ive had in the past.

Thanks Jared I'll be back for years to come!

Carson S.

Great custom lures.

Alicia A.