All About DuCote Custom Lures

How a Father and Son in San Antonio, Texas became fishermen

For several years Jared and Bob were artists, specializing in commercial design and fine arts (photo realism). In 2011, someone approached Jared and asked if he would like to start painting customized fishing lures. At the time Jared thought it was a crazy idea. However, since he was a kid, he always wanted to have a business where he and his father could work together and have something they could build on as a team.

And then it hit them, like a week-old mackerel:

Jared and his father decided to open Ducote Custom Lures together in 2012. Like anyone starting a new trade or hobby, they had nothing to learn from. They quickly found out that the fishing community is very quiet. Learning from each other and their mistakes, they have truly mastered their craftsmanship. In the five years they have been painting custom lures, they have attended several fishing tournaments, weigh ins, and outdoor functions. They have established a reputation for quality customer service as well as detail-oriented, field-tested quality artwork.

More importantly, after four years of custom painting lures for avid fishermen (and art-loving novices), DuCote Custom Lures have established a reputation for being a proven attraction for trophy fish. Seems like fish appreciate fine art, too - at least when it comes to chomping down on tasty tidbits.

And that's our story in a nutshell. If you'd like to know more - well, you're probably barking up the wrong tree. We're here to sell you a lure, not wax poetic. But call us anyway at 210-954-4484 and we'll be glad to-um-"hook you up" with a custom lure you'll love to cast.