Fish With Custom Lures, Hand-Painted in San Antonio, Texas

Tempt those lunkers with something they've never seen before

From weekend sport fishermen to savvy pros, anglers in the know rely on DuCote Custom Lures when they're seeking a tactical advantage.

A hand-painted lure from DuCote can give you the edge you're looking for if you want to catch more and bigger fish. Plus, each DuCote lure is a custom creation, designed to your specifications - or you can rely on our experience and those of our many satisfied clients by choosing a design that's proven itself in the field. (Um, make that "in the water.")

When you choose a DuCote custom lure, you'll get:

  • A custom creation - no two are alike
  • A genuine hand-painted work of art, made right here in America
  • A proven fish-getter - or go with a design of your choice and test the waters
Whatever you choose from DuCote Custom Lures in San Antonio, Texas, we know you're gonna love it. And the fish will, too.

Responsive Customer Service on Every Lure Ordered

At DuCote, we don't think of customer service as an added feature - it's something built into our business model. Look, we know you're paying more for a custom-designed, hand-painted fishing lure, and we think you deserve the kind of personal attention to your wants and needs that should come along with it.

Want a lure created using your wild abstract idea for a crazy paint job? Looking to replicate a discontinued color scheme from an old favorite classic? We can fix you up, either way. We'll start with a commercially produced lure and take off from there, or you can select from one of our proven lunker-producing designs.

Regardless of what you order from DuCote Custom Lures in San Antonio, we know you'll love having it in your tackle box. Or maybe mounted on the wall, along with the record fish you caught with it!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when you order a DuCote custom lure. Call us at 210-954-4484 to find our lures in retail locations or to order your custom creation.